IMG_6611“If you live for people’s acceptance, then you’ll die from their rejections.” — Lacrae Moore

Before I can start telling you all about some of my favorite characters you need to know more about me. So I asked my friends on Facebook to describe me using one word. All of the answers made me smile. So here they are. Wild, bold, entertaining, whack, honest, blunt, cherry, amazing, stubborn, sassy, crazy, and some others. as I sat here reading what my wonderful friends had said of me that’s when it came to me. The one and only word I can describe myself is UNASHAMED! It’s perfect!  Everything I do I do in full, I don’t half a** anything. I love with my whole heart and hard at that. I am extremely loud and obnoxious, I freaking love to drink alcohol and enjoy a smoke too, if I could I would drink a Bloody Mary every morning for breakfast. I love being naked, I love sex, let’s be honest I’m a perv! I could have a conversation with a brick wall, I love making people laugh, and if I could I would totally pee standing up! Are you getting the picture? I am unashamed of everything I do and have been through. With all this being said just imagine the people I attract…… stay tuned till next week and I’ll be introducing my very first character. (Totally should Have Swiped Left!)

Don’t worry guys, if you think I’m writing about you your name will be changed to nicknames. As will the places!