pexels-photo-673700.jpegI bet you give a hell of a “shocker”.

Have you ever met someone and they seem like a pretty cool ass person? Y’all like the same music, activities, drinking, they have a job. Then one minute you sit and wonder. What the hell is wrong with this person? Well in my case I didn’t wonder I just straight up asked this question. Except I asked like this. “So you seem like a person I would like to meet what in the fuck is wrong with you? Are you missing an arm and don’t tell people?” And this is the answer I got. “No I’m missing three fingers!” Basically I’m a giant asshole that ask these questions out loud. I have absolutely no qualms about people missing arms, legs, a toe, or a finger, but three fingers threw me for a loop.

Aside being an asshole and wondering about the missing fingers I still went on a date with the guy who I like to call Pain. Pain was a perfect gentleman. Shook my hand, bought me a couple drinks and all was swell. Until the end of the night and he went in for a kiss and his hand with missing fingers started to caress my face…… all I could think about was that hand and how once again I’m a giant asshole. I ended the night with a short kiss on his cheek and I jumped in my truck, then got the hell out of dodge. By the time I got home all I could think about was ” I should Have Swiped Left and I bet he would have gave a hell of a shocker!”